Immersion Blender – Everything that you need to know

Hand blenders are multipurpose kitchen appliance which would help you to grind and mash your fruits and vegetables according to your needs. The hand blender is available with the cord and battery-power; this would help you not only in blending soups or shakes but can perform a lot which you can’t imagine with the traditional blenders. Here is everything you need to know about hand blenders and a guide on how to use them:

  1. If you use the hand blender you do not need to cool and then transfer soup into the blender and back again into the pot or pan to reheat or keep cooking. In the simple words, just take the blades into the pot or pan where the vegetable chunks are being cooked and blend till your desired consistency is reached. You may use it to blend sauce and to smooth the gravy as well.
  2. You can blend drinks and make smoothies and you do not need to waste anything if you are making it in the glass and container exactly or as per your need. This can further save us from extra cleaning of the jar and glass. Hand blender is powerful enough to break out the ice for the shakes and smoothies.
  3. Since baby needs soft food to eat, you can blend baby food using your hand blender. In the traditional blender it is difficult to make baby food as it might be difficult to blend small quantities of food. In this situation hand blenders are a better choice as it may simply blend what a baby needs in smaller quantity.
  4. You may beat eggs or make an omelet; just use hand blender for blending into the bowl of eggs. For further information on immersion blenders, BlenderReviews.
  5. Hand blender may be used for beating and softening food ingredients. This can be done with one hand while the other hand can do any other job. We may use it for making mayonnaise, whipping cream and for making oil and vinegar salad.
  6. With the help of hand blender we can chop items such as dried fruit, mince garlic, and other herbs as well. A narrow container which is usually given with the blender may be used for this purpose.
  7. Hand blender makes food digestible for those who have difficulty in swallowing or digesting food. By using this appliance soft food can be made for those who cannot eat hard food stuffs.

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