Melbourne Flamenco

Melbourne Flamenco
Flamenco classes and performance

Flamenco skirts are here $155
Black Red and Purple

These Fiesta dresses (above) are also available for sale

Melbourne Flamenco is part of Bistrin's Emporium, a small boutique selling clothing and interesting things in Gertrude st Fitzroy. We have a range of cool clothing at very affordable prices. This includes homeware such as cups and saucers, teapots, vintage pieces, jewellery, and more recently Flamenco gear.

I recently put the word out that flamenco dancers could sell pieces that don't fit any more or they no longer use, and got a great response.
Today I sold a great pair of red shoes, and a new skirt to a new flamenco student.

If you have stuff that you can bear to part with, bring it in.

Flamenco shoes for sale, new Sansha black suede for beginners and some, second hand, hardly used but very good quality, Gallardo etc. by professional dancers. Mostly size 36 or 38

We have some performance skirts for sale, mostly small sizes, but more coming.
$85 practice skirt all black with ruffles, L to XL size.
 $120 for red small size skirt with small black spots, A nice performance skirt.
 $160 for performance skirt.small size. black on the out side with orange and black polka dots on theinside volantes.
$160 for small size black skirt with teal blue/ green inner volantes.

Red dance fans are coming in my next shipment.

If you have Flamenco gear in good condition, Shawls, mantons, skirts or shoes, please call Tatiana at Bistrin's Emporium 201 Gertrude st Fitzroy 94160095 or email

We do consignment. Flamenco gear is difficult to get as it is mostly from Spain.

This is a good way to share, and buy and sell flamenco costumes that you no longer use.

End of Year Show 2011

Here are a few pictures from our end of year show.

I am very proud of everyone for the great job that they did.

The Melbourne Flamenco School Show December 2011 was alot of fun!
Thanks to all the beautiful students and dancers who took part. Thankyou to Angel who played like an angel. Thanks to everyone who came to watch. Thanks to Paul who took the photos. Thanks to Stephanie for manning the Sangria. Thanks to Chantelle for her teaching and her lovely class. Thanks to Anabel.
Gracias por todos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the rehearsals todos. I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

La Tatiana